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What is alternative medicine? Is this just Quackery? [message #824] Wed, 20 May 2020 08:39
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Alternative medicine is a form of therapy that doesn’t depend on the principles of human anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, and pathology. The medical treatment doesn’t solve all illnesses, and thus some patients seek optional therapies.

Diseases such as depression, anxiety disorders, autoimmune disorders, and cancers have been the center of interest in these health therapies. Despite the interest in alternative medicine, there are most people still don’t understand alternative medicine.

Below is a list of frequently asked questions on alternative medicine.

What is the difference between alternative medicines, complementary medicine, and Holistic medicine?

Alternative medicine is health practice and often contradicts scientific principles. Complementary medicine, on the other hand, is used alongside alternative medicine to achieve maximum healthcare. Holistic medicine relies on treatment therapies that involve the whole body, mind, and soul and merely the treatment of the signs and symptoms of a disease.

Do Alternative Methods Work?

Aside from herbal medicine, most alternative methods work via the placebo effect. Herbal medicines are what comprise the modern-day medicine, after undergoing manufacturing and studies. The placebo effect is whereby patients are given an inert pill/method since they already believe it will work.

Is Alternative Medicine Quackery?
Some forms of alternative medicine have been classified as quackery. These include religious spiritualism.

Which conditions are best treated by Alternative Medicine?

Alternative medicine favors psychological issues rather than pathological based conditions. The effects of stress that lead to insomnia and depression have shown significant positive results. Autoimmune conditions such as IBD, arthritis, and heart diseases have shown significantly reduced levels of inflammatory stressors.

What Are The Negative Effects Of Alternative Medicine?

Herbal medicine is most affected in this category. Since most herbal compounds haven’t been studied, the adverse effects may be drastic. Renal failure, liver failure, and ulcers are some of the most common faced side effects. Drug toxicity levels have also been reported since the exact doses of these drugs haven’t been established.
Some methods like acupuncture could also be minimally invasive, and hence are painful.

Are there Government Accredited Specialists?

Alternative medicine has its own education system that produces consultants. It is advisable to visit the official government-accredited websites of the accredited methods and find the available consultants.

Do Insurances Accept Alternative Medicine?

Most insurances don’t accept alternative medicine since government bodies don’t regulate the charges involved. However, the little insurances that do have provide the names of specific consultants and specific clinics to visits.

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