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A review of 10 top electronic medical records system and tools [message #477] Tue, 28 April 2020 22:49
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Electronic medical record also known as EHR has taken over paper records over the years and helps in collection of patient data, population and helps to store important medical records which can be transferred to any health system in the world with the help of an internet connection or any exchange network. EHR may include patient’s medication, allergies, result of laboratory, immunizations, allergies and any other useful information about the patient. Some of the top electronic health records systems and tools include;

1. Bahmni

The Bahmni is an open source medical information system and an electronic medical record that is design with the aim to help medical expert increase the safety performance of patient care, minimizing doctors mistakes and addressing public health concerns. It is designed in such a way that it is easy to use by medical practitioner to take care of patient needs. What do you think is the best systems to use in your medical office?

2. Cottage meds

Cottage meds is a health medical record used by small private clinics to take care of patient health. It is designed to communicate with data management application, solve health problems, drugs prescription writing. It is used with system hardware or network, and a wireless networks for multi office work task.

3. EHR server

EHR server is a tool which is used in solving a particular clinical challenge, it is also used as a web respiratory data and mobile medical applications. It shares information between different medical systems and easy to use.

4. GNU Health

GNU health is a free medical health platform and a hospital information system designed to support the public and determine bio information and therapy genetic engineering with the state of art of technologies. They control the health of internal operations such as administrative, supply and pharmacies operations.

5. HospitalRun

Hospitalrun is designed to provide patient with the lowest available cost condition for the most hospital system, it is designed in a way that clinical records are easily transferred to far clinics with offline internet access. It is also built in a way that modern hospital information and resources are also available with the aim of bringing government and technology organizations together to solve world problems.


The libreHealth preprogram is an online medical health record that is scientifically oriented, and designed for use in different medical environment. It is also designed to provide medical experts with new and easy environment to work with easy access to use.

Oscar EMR is a cloud base online medical program developed for academic health care clinics, and it has become an important record used by many doctors and medical health centers in the world used for improving health and helps to fasten innovation and responsiveness of user. It has many features like the Oscar encounter which contains patient medical records, history, recovery and the progress of patient. It also has the OscarBilling which is used to support the submission of bills and the oscadocument which is used to attach the patient chart.

8. Continuity of Care Record

Continuity of Care Record is a joint medical record developed by ASTM international and the Massachusetts medical society with the aim of providing medical health information and system management to the society. It shows patient data set, medical information and fact about patients, it also shows the health issues encounter by patients, it is also designed in a way that information can be extracted for records purpose from one system to another.

9. HOSxP

Hosxp is a hospital record system used in Thailand for managing patient information, it is used by more than 70 hospital in Thailand to manage patient records with the aim of promoting the movement of medical services all over Thailand. It also keeps patient data, financial operation, medical and laboratory operation of patients.

10. OpenEyes

OpenEyes is a collaborative system that is led by Moorefield eyes medical health care with the aim to develop a quick electronic response ad reports for patients with input from hospitals, organizations, companies and individual person. They are funded by several units which include Moorefield Eye hospital located in Manchester and Royal Victoria and Ear Hospital. They provide an easy to use and access structure health care at a very low cost and helps in sharing experience and ideas to users.

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