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A review of 10 electronic Medical Record Imaging software. [message #559] Sun, 03 May 2020 13:07
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1. 3D slicer

3D slicer is an open software for electronic medical image data used for manipulating, and passing medical information. It is built to support the National Institutes of health and worldwide health givers in providing a better genetic feature and allow them to see a patient diagnosis better. The features include the ability to view dynamically directed images, creating image mark surface maps, and rendering a large volume of hardware.

2. Cornerstone

Cornerstone is an open-source program that includes a full clear medical image with a web-based platform. It is designed to close the gap between the designer-creator and the customer via a special approach of using a 3D virtual model to help health caregivers give better medical care to patient all over the world. The features include a wide range and physical graphics that will showcase the design concept and a creative and innovative content generator.

3. Dcm4che

Dcm4che is an open-source clinical imaging and object used in managing patient health. It is designed in a java programming language to perform, support, and create a better image view for healthcare givers. It helps to address health care challenges and gives better collaborative and accessible software. They also help to create an even versatile and scalable platform.

4. DICOM Web Viewer

DICOM Web Viewer is a standard and a focus support tool used for different types of screen sizes at anytime, anywhere in the world. It is designed in a way that doctors can view patient pictures from any device either on pc or tablet and they can calculate, measure, and compare patient results anywhere they are. The purpose of DICOM WEB viewer is to improve visits to patients and promote a multimedia process which provides more clinical details and a clearer description of the patient.


ENDROV is an open-source electronic medical records imaging tool used for studying patient file and image, it is portable and can be run locally and can be run a java applet based. Developed through the use of advanced open-source tools capable of handling complex spatially-time images, obtained from biological research microscopes. It provides a great number of picture theory and tries to replace it with a more contemporary architecture image.


GIMIAS is a medical image processing and simulation-oriented working flow system used health care to show cardiac, simulation, and neurology images of patients. GIMIAS is a programming platform that allows users to create their own medical application with a different type of plug-in which can be loaded and combined automatically.

7. Horos

Horos is a free open source health image viewer build with the aim to create a fully functioning 64 bit MAC OS X medical image. Horos interface tools are used for connection and uploading images while the main toolbar allows users to make use of the most common resources for uploading and distributing specific and modified images. They make use of a wide range of users as health givers in all parts of the world and their project is widely evolving in all countries of the world.

8. LibreHealth Radiology

LibreHealth Radiology is an open-source electronic medical record software that is based on the therapeutic workflow of a patient in clinics and hospitals. Developed to identify the workflow of radiology, support the service of radiology basics and to satisfy the quality of parameters set by the community of health caregivers. The current features of LibreHealth include setting radiation orders, configuring a variety of concept groups to identify image order protocol in hospitals, and creating a radiology report after the completion of an order.

9. OpenREM

OpenREM is a free open source software used for tracking patient dosage. The app is able to import and view patient information with sampling, chart, and visuals from a number of x-ray ray dose source and it allows simple distribution of information in a format which it can be used by a large number of healthcare practitioners for further study.

10. Orthanc

Orthanc is an electronic medical record software used by healthcare and scientific testing to boost the flow of DICOM in hospitals and promote work on automated medical picture processing. Orthanc can convert any windows or OS X device into a MINI-PACS, it isolates implantation and ensures that there is no need for any complicated database administered for a third-party dependency to be enabled.
What type of software does your hospital use?
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